Friday, February 27, 2015

Math is Everywhere - Mathematical Poster by GeoArtworks [Etsy]

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Trick To Remember Which Sign Is Greater Than and Which Is Less Than

If you need to remember which way the greater than or less than sign should point, you can remember it this way. Think of the sign as an alligator's mouth. The alligator wants to eat the larger side. Like this: 
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Earth and Venus approximately trace out this pattern with 5-fold symmetry as they orbit the Sun.

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Math joke

Instances when Brands had to remove advert having Negative attitude toward Math

Instance 1: When L'Oreal agreed to change 'bad at maths' boast advert. (Feb 2015)

L'Oreal Paris adverts featured British actress Dame Helen Mirren saying: "Age is just a number. And maths was never my thing."
National Numeracy tweeted its distaste that the advertising appeared to boast about poor maths skills.
L'Oreal Paris thanked the charity and pledged to change it "right away".

Instance 2 : Mattel Inc. agreed to pull talking Barbie "Math class is tough' doll (Oct 1992)

A talking Barbie doll was criticized by a national women's group for saying "math class is tough". Mattel did not order a recall but began offering a swap for anyone who bought an offending doll.
The computer chip that randomly selects four phrases for each doll picked from 269 selections, not 270.

Source 1 : L'Oreal agrees to change 'bad at maths' boast advert

Source 2 : Mattel Says It Erred; Teen Talk Barbie Turns Silent on Math