Thursday, April 30, 2015

Square any two digits number that ends with 5 [Math Tips & Tricks]

Calculating the square of a number below 100 is extremely simple. If you want to find the square of 35 for example, you simply have to take the first digit (3), multiply it for the next higher number (4), and then add 25 to the result.


35^2 = (3x4)25 = 1225

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How to multiply any two digits number by 11 [Math Tips & Tricks]

For example, you want to find the product of 45 and 11. One way to find it would be to multiply 45 by 10 and then add 45 on the result. There is, however, a simple trick that’ll do the job for any two digits number. To find out the result, write the first digit followed by the addition of the first and second digit, followed by the second digit.


45 x 11 = 4(4+5)5 = 495

What happens if the sum of the two numbers is bigger than 9? In this case you add 1 to the first number, followed by the last digit of the addition of the two numbers, and then again you add the second number

57 x 11 = 5(5+7)7 = 627

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