Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Math/Number Facts (Vol. #2)

1. Another mnemonic for remembering the first 20 decimals of pi is

           How I wish I could enumerate pi easily, since all these bullshit mnemonics prevent recalling any of pi's sequence more simply.                      (posted by abyssbrain in comment of previous post)

2. 6666 days is equal to 144 hours + 1440 hours + 14400 hours + 144000 hours.

3. One cycle of the Mayan calendar is equivalent to 5126 years. The digits 5126 begin at the 2012th decimal place of π! 

4. Metric Day is celebrated each year on October 10th.

5. 68 is the smallest composite number that can be read as a prime number when it is turned upside down.

6. 71 is the largest prime p that humans will ever discover such that 2^p doesn't contain the digit 9. 

7. Welsh government has declared March 14  as Pi Day Cymru as a way of honouring the Anglesey-born mathematician William Jones, who came up with the idea of pi in 1706.

8. Mats Bergsten of Sweden holds the world record for memorising pi while juggling, reciting 9,778 digits in 1hr 20min.

9. A poem written such that the length of each word is determined by the digits in pi is called a piem. A haiku written under those constraints is called a piku.

10. Among all shapes with the same perimeter, the circle has the largest area.

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